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TELL Legacy is an advocacy initiative with the goal of encouraging you to tell your story.   Our legacies begin with what we do. They grow through our attachment to others, and live with the effect we have on our environment.  TELL what you have started, who you’ve attached yourself to and how you have influenced those around you. Tell it in a book or a blog, in a video, a podcast or TED Talk. Tell it from a rooftop or a soapbox. Just tell it! 

TELL Legacy was created by author, business consultant, educator and legacy advocate Jelani Bandele, who as a former publicist, has seen her share of untold stories and the effect the failure to tell has on individuals, families and communities. Consider the number of young girls who may have focused on math, science and engineering had they known about the women in the film Hidden Figures, or how many boys and girls would have pursued medical careers had they known the stories of Henrietta Lacks and the men in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.  Start talking!

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